Over 2000 new flavor profiles developed each year by
food scientists with global expertise, unlimited imagination, and a true passion for cooking.
The Food Source International is ready to create your next taste.


Seasonings make or break a product. Our skilled team provides seasonings a cut above the rest. We create products that stand out, flavor that delivers, and customers that come back.

Whether you’re developing a snack or prepared food for a menu, the Food Source International has the solution.

Sweet Flavors

Our flavors inspire, whether it’s the first bite of
matcha affogato or sip of champurrado. Now is
the time to innovate.

We’re experts in bringing extraordinary flavor into protein mixes, snacks, cereals, drink mixes, and other sweet goods. Whatever your goal, we’ll accomplish it with out-of-the-box thinking and a lot of care.

Savory Flavors

It’s all about delicious. We specialize in creating savory flavors for a rich taste that inspires. You’ve never seen umami or kokumi delivered like this.

Using both classic and new flavor technologies, we facilitate innovations in taste for applications such as soups, sauces, marinades, and meat and dairy substitutes.

Flavor Systems

The best consumer experience comes from hitting optimal taste bliss points. This takes a combination of sweet, savory, heat, acid, salt, texture, and aroma.

Our team has the experience and ambition to find the right balance for your dressing or marinade. The result? Pure satisfaction.


Food that takes your breath away is thought through at every layer. With coatings, the perfect result comes from innovative recipes.

We know the challenges that come with developing the right breaders, coatings, batters, binders, or tack blends. We’re skilled in maximizing texture, crunch, and adhesion, while still packing in flavor.