Sourcing made simple. Our GFSI ingredient network is global and established, ensuring your sourcing is done with confidence. When it comes to ingredients, we are The Source.


Whether you need spices, herbs, or chilies, our
team has all the options. And because wholesome ingredients matter, we’re dedicated from seed
to harvest.

We meet all of your requirements, whether organic sources, conventional sources, or microbial treatment options for food safety assurance. We’re your seasoned partner.

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Dry Vegetables

Every day we build on our legacy of expertise in dehydrated vegetable supply. With a plethora of dehydrated vegetable ingredients, we’re ready to meet all your sourcing needs.

Through primary import sourcing on carrots, spinach, onions, garlic, pumpkins, beets, and more, we’ve got the resources to champion your needs.

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Dry Fruits

Let it be sweet! From papaya, to banana, to cranberry, our collection of dried fruits will delight the palate and exceed your goals.

Our supply runs the gamut from syrup or juice infused fruits, fried fruits, and drum dried fruits, to freeze-dried fruits. We can also utilize an SO2 application to keep fruit looking bright and colorful.

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Nutritional Yeast
& Yeast Extracts

Taste starts with the tongue. Utilize the ingredient that is the true differentiator. Elevate your vegan or dairy-free products with yeast protein.

With a library of options that include conventional, organic, gluten free, and non GMO Project Verified,
our offerings support your toughest packaging
claim necessities.

Whether you need a product for sodium reduction, reaction flavor, or general umami potentiation with 5’ IMP and GMP, our yeast-based products make your food simply taste better.

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Dairy Powders

Let’s simplify dairy. We’re ready to be your single
source for dairy ingredients, and take taste to the
next level.

Whether you need cheese powders, essential dairy
powders, or dried natural compound and EMC dairy
flavors such as cheese, butter, and creams, we’ve got
it covered.

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