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Ingredients Creative Process

The Finest Ingredient Selections

Ingredient development is not black and white as many companies would have you believe. A carefully crafted approach combining experience, imagination and an authentic passion for product development is necessary when formulating the ideas and concepts that pinpoint the ingredient selections that will complete your product. Spanning a wide range of high-quality ingredients across numerous categories, you’ll be able to find the building blocks to complete your custom product.

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We Start at the Roots

Understanding the makeup of ingredients and their collaboration with each other allows us to develop a bold and unique flavor for your brand. Our involvement with farms and processors gives us access to ingredients that are always fresh, delectable, and adherent to Kosher, non-GMO and Organic standards.

Sample Development

After mutual collaboration reviewing such variables as regulatory requirements, micro requirements, functionality and granulation, the development process is turned over to the experts at The Food Source. The technical team then takes the weight off your shoulders as they work to provide you with a sample of your ideal ingredient with a short turnaround time.

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Functionality, Flavor and Feedback

Upon receipt of the sample, the next round of responsibility lies on your shoulders. How does the ingredient function within your finished product? Does the ingredient create the desired balance of flavor within your product? How does the ingredient impact the aesthetics of your product? These are all pieces of feedback necessary to develop the next round of samples or move to ingredient acceptance.

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Final Approval

Through our collaborative process, we were able to arrive at an ingredient solution that checks all of the necessary boxes for acceptance within your product. The Food Source regulatory team will be quick to formalize any necessary documentation specific to your product. From concept to project launch, The Food Source is here to help expedite that process.

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