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Entrées, Soups & Sides

Bring Your Customers’ Meals to Life

Your customers are looking for exceptional flavor. Whether they’re preparing a convenient dinner for two or a gourmet dinner for twenty, the flavor expectations are the same. The Food Source formulates with this expectation in mind.

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The entrée is the centerpiece of your dining experience and as such, should be a flavor journey for your senses. The Food Source’s entrée seasonings will provide that gourmet flavor experience for your customer’s journey.

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Spicy Taco Blend

The root to great tacos is the spice blend driving the flavor.  What are you going to choose as the base for your spiciness?  Jalapeno, habanero, chipotle, ancho, guajillo…the choice is yours…

Vegetarian Hamburger Type Seasoning

A savory blend perfect to give your vegetarian burger that spiced beef flavor you’re looking for.

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Soups & Sides

Soups and side dishes have transformed over the years, from basic potato, vegetable, and rice preparations to complex medleys of vegetables, rice, potatoes, ancient grains, proteins, and pastas, all offering varying levels of convenience. Our Seasoning Ninja-led development team will help identify your flavor goals and bring them to life.

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Caribbean Black Bean Soup Seasoning

Just the spices or the entire dry soup blend developed specifically for your desired palette.

Mirepoix Seasoning

Most great “brothy” soups have a base need for a vegetable inclusion to include notes of garlic, onion and celery.  Customize the mirepoix base to your flavor requirements.

Poultry Stuffing Seasoning

A simple spiced vegetable blend added to your base or a complete instant stuffing mix packaged in a retail pack ready for retail distribution… entirely your preference.

Instant Chocolate Mousse Mix

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate… opinions are polarizing, but regardless of your preference the blend can be produced to your spec.

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Quality Programs

  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • GFSI
  • GMP
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

Production Capabilities

  • Custom Blending & Plating
  • Size Reduction
  • Dedicated Plantings
  • Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal (1 g-4 oz.)
  • Toyo Stand-Up Gusset Filling (4.75-10.25″W x 5.12-15.75″H)
  • Continuous Steam Treatment
  • Laser Sorting
  • Vertical Form, Fill & Seal (1 oz.-10 lbs.)
  • Scale Fill for Food Service (1 oz.-10 lbs.)