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About Us

Since 1997, The Food Source has worked to be different and say yes when all others say no.

As we’ve continued to grow and evolve, it’s always been our priority to stay ahead of the increased awareness to food safety, labeling requirements, and trends.

In order to accomplish this, we rely on the diversity of our personnel such as flavor chemistry, culinology, protein processing, meat science, food production operations, dairy commodity specialization, savory flavor development, regulatory, bench & plant scaling, global manufacturing supply chains, and GFSI & FSMA continuing education.

This collective group of diverse backgrounds emboldens The Food Source to supply a total ingredient and seasoning supply partner for our customers both domestic and abroad.

Growth is impossible if you cut off strong roots. While many companies have pre-defined supply chains, specific customer requirements and template-based project criteria, we look at each customer and project as an opportunity for growth. Growth in our understanding of new applications, potential growth in the development of new ingredients and seasonings, and growth within a continually evolving food industry.


Consumer and regulatory trends continue to evolve. Whether it’s compliance with FSMA, Non-GMO Project verification, GMO labeling requirements, gluten-free requirements on both the federal and private certification level or origin-specific ingredients within the pet industry, The Food Source continues to grow and evolve its own processes and supply chain to fit the needs of the food industry diversity. Gone are the days where price was final factor in the approval of an ingredient. Now it’s a complete ingredient profile including regulatory compliance, GFSI compliance, JIT availability and price.





logo-grade1The GRADE 1 label is emblazoned on all Food Source seasonings and the majority of its ingredients. All Food Source ingredients and seasonings are held to a standard. This GRADE 1 standard is a standard of GFSI level quality, proper GMP & HACCP controls and consistent adherence to product specs. Wherever the process allows, you will see this GRADE 1 stamp of approval on your ingredient and seasoning.

Balance is key at The Food Source. Balance between producing and sourcing a global library of ingredients and seasonings, while meeting the supply needs of a boutique retail brand. Balance between meeting the supply and regulatory needs of Fortune 500 food companies, while assisting a start-up with Non-GMO Project documentation. This is the balance that we achieve on a day in and day out basis.

Through our dedication to supplying the most comprehensive global library of dry ingredients, and ensuring that each seasoning is customized to your criteria, you’ll discover that our ingredients, seasonings and processes are crafted to perfection.

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