Do you produce custom products?

The Food Source International thrives on custom, because we are able to offer a solution found nowhere else in the market. Stock ingredients certainly help to reduce cost and lead-time, but sometimes they are just not perfect for the design of your product. By working together, we can dial in on your specific requirements and produce the ingredient exactly to your specs including the following options:

  • Custom sizing & sorting
  • Specific microbiological requirements
  • Custom pack-sizes to assist in batching
  • Custom packaging options from retail packs to super-sacks

The Food Source International can fulfill a customer purchase order under our standard terms and conditions with one of three types of orders:

  • Ingredient Purchase Order– Purchase made by the customer for an ingredient, based on a contract price, previously quoted price, or the current market price.
  • Seasoning Purchase Order– Custom product, produced and shipped in its entirety, based on a quoted price.
  • Blank Seasoning Purchase Order– Custom product, produced at a quantity to cover a prearranged price and period of time, with multiple shipments occurring within that period.

Do you have a catalog with pricing that you could send us?

Catalog, yes. Pricing, no. Pricing of raw materials is constantly changing. The dairy market fluctuates on a weekly basis. Spices, herbs and vegetables all have the ability to fluctuate depending on current market conditions. Any vendor that publishes a monthly, quarterly or even annual price list is artificially inflating the prices. It is the only way to build a buffer to protect themselves against such fluctuations. Check out our seasoning catalog or ingredients catalog and let us know specifically what you’re looking for. We have the ability to describe the market and how that ingredient is currently positioned within the spot market.

If you’re looking for pricing stability, the possibility always exists for contracts or blanket orders that offer piece of mind, fixed costs and added stability within your supply chain.

We also have simplified versions of our product offerings for ingredients.